Carrie: So… 2 days, 4 calls, no answer.
Samantha: I know, sorry, I’ve been busy.
                  do we have to do this?
                  can’t we pretend the whole thing didn’t happen?
Carrie: If we don’t want to talk on the phone again.
Samantha: In a few days, it will blow over.
Carrie: That’s an interesting choice of words.
            Look… I’m sorry…
Samantha: Carrie, stop!
                  I don’t want to do the "I’m sorry" stuff with you.
                  anyone else but not you.  You and I are perfect.
Carrie: Sweetie, as lovely as that idea sounds, we’re not perfect.
I saw this episode in that very afternoon.
ps. it’s from Sex And The City Season 5 Episode4 Cover Girl (click to see more)