this is a email to someone who should know it’s for u.
I still can’t believe you were trying to stop me.
especially when you say "I can’t believe you bought this, you don’t even have time for this."
WHY? I mean WHY?
why can’t I buy a book that I want to read (plus, it only costs me NTD. 238), eventhough it’s lame to you?
why do I have to convince you or anyone else when I trying to make a decision?
you’re the one who always tell me "just follow your heart", and you said the exactly words to me when I was wondering which book should I get.
then after I paid for it, you still threw this in my face: "I can’t believe you bought this, you don’t even have time for this."
….I don’t know…what makes you think that it’s impossible for me to read.
yeah, I did say that I’ve got several distractions in life, but I also expressed how I love reading.
what if I can read even when I’m making poo poo, how’s that?
I know there’s a lot of difficult / emotional words, so what?
like Joey said, "I did it anyway!" (he’s not referring to reading though…XD)
so I read, I read, er, words I don’t know… skip it, keep reading, keep reading…
when you finish the sentence, the section or the page, you’ll know what does it mean.
still not, okay, there’s always Dr.eye at your service. (I’m not used to those real dictionaries…XD)  
okay, I think that’s pretty much what I’m trying to say, I hope I’ve made my point.
after all, it was you who got me finished reading of Harry Potter, so now, thanks again,
I’ll try to finish this one as soon as I can.